Bills On The Rise--So Are Taxes- Any End In Sight?

Did you know YOUR state legislature, Connecticut and Massachusetts and YOUR local cable company could be the same body?

Think about it.

How many times has your cable company raised your monthly bill in the last six months with the excuse “it is the cost of the programming that is sooo expensive.”

It is said like we are supposed to all break down and cry.

Now how many times has YOUR state lawmaker told you that “we need a better revenue stream” (they think that we don’t know that means taxes) in order to create better infrastructure.”

And in both cases we see ourselves as having no power to do anything else but to writing a bigger check each and every month.

It may not be taxes that they talk about they may be talking about tolls but trust me if it is a state lawmaker it's all money to them. No matter how much they look like Linus from the Charlie Brown cartoon, they are still looking for more money.

Left unanswered is what would happen if they ever had to make a real, pragmatic bottom line cut in a budget.

What would happen if a state lawmaker actually said “we can’t do it this time---it simply costs too much.”

It takes no great talent or knowledge to operate anything --government, cable ---whatever and say “we need more”.

If that is what your person is saying you “need another guy.”

When was the last time your state lawmaker said “we can’t do it---we don’t have the money and we won’t go back to the taxpayer for more.”


(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)


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