Questions That Have No Answers And No Urgency To Find One

Can someone explain to me the difference between a Republican and a Democrat anywhere --but particularly in Massachusetts?

For the longest of times it was explained that R’s are more conservatively constructed.

D’s are more apt to spend on social programs and would more often than not increase taxes.

However in Massachusetts -- we find that trying to figure out the differences are a bit trying to say the least.

Later this week, the republican governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is going to propose an excise tax on real estate in order to create a revenue stream for cities and towns throughout the commonwealth toward environmental issues---green stuff if you will.

At about the same time this is going on, State Senator Bruce Tarr, another republican is going to propose a measure to reduce the state sales tax down to 5 percent. It is something that he has done from time to time in the past, but all this comes about at a time when the Department of Revenue has declared that it is getting tax revenues at an amazing pace.

A billion dollars more than what anyone had expected.

So what’s the point?

Now the Governor wants to increase a tax or fee?

Now another call for a reduction in the state sales tax?

Which one do you think is going to happen first?


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