Profanity Roars On Beacon Hill

State Senator Jo Comerford has brought to our attention some of the more profane words ever known to a state or federal lawmaker known to man. Heck. It is a profane word for any department head at any company.

The Democratic State Senator for Hampshire County says that “surplus” is one of those words akin to any profanity you have ever heard.

And she points out that the word is getting in the way of some other measures that would generate some revenues like the so called Millionaires Tax. How on earth could you pass that when you have money all over the place.

For a lot of people outside of the Beacon Hill venue “surplus” is not a great thing. It means that you have funded all you need to fund and we are going to keep the rest just for giggles.

Some state lawmakers don’t have a problem with taxing and keeping. They look at you as if you have three heads when you even suggest to them that there is something wrong. They will always says something like “the services you use cost something.”

The reason surpluses are considered part of profanity is the same reason why you don’t automatically say to the car dealer---”I know that’s your price but I want to pay more.”

And while some would suggest the word is profane, what really is profane and scary is the fact that Massachusetts like almost every other state in the union has pension obligations that they don’t want to deal with.

And so the fact that anyone on Beacon Hill even suggests that we have a surplus at a time when we aren’t dealing with that is pretty scary.

The profanity comes when state lawmakers haven’t learned what many of us have been taught and try to teach our kids…

The value of a dollar.

(Photo Credit Vagner Reis Reis / EyeEm)


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