Thieves Steal Flags But Not The Value Of The Day

Someone is going to have to answer this for me. I don’t have an answer. Police don’t. No one does.

Right before the Agawam Veterans Day ceremonies Monday it was discovered that someone overnight stole all the flags along the town green.

That the flags were stolen one time was bad. That the flags were stolen twice was worse. The flags were stolen four times in the last week in the walk up to the community observances.

Why? How is it that a flag could be a bother for anyone, particularly in light of the day?

Now Agawam has the reputation as a super patriotic type community. A lot of amazing people came forward to donate flags off their own property, or to buy some.

Still others went as far as to donate cameras to make sure that this type of thing doesn't happen again.

Six Flags being the good corporate citizen even made a donation to replace flags.

The events of yesterday go too far in telling us how much looking we have to do into our own souls.

It’s not a prank.

It’s not a bunch of kids raising havoc.

It’s something much worse.

But it leaves a bitter taste in the souls of Americans who fought for our freedom.

It makes one wonder if their sacrifices were made in vain.


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