Blizzard Bags Not So Hot For Some Students

Among other things over the last week it was announced by the Department of Education that they would do away with the so called “Blizzard Bags” beginning with the next school year.

The bags were developed in order to insure that despite the snow days that would pile up that the kids would have something to do, not fall behind and not have to stay in school during the hot summer making up days.

But now the DOE determined that in storms and even in some areas some kids have difficulty getting on the internet. Connectivity issues you know.


I am understanding of the argument but in order to get rid of the program based on that argument is weak.

If I gave up every time a computer didn’t work, I would ---I don’t know what.

The kids can’t get on the internet? And that’s why you dismantle the entire program?

Anyone ever hear of a “flash drive”?

Put the homework on a drive--encode the flash drive so that it can only be activated when needed and problem is solved.

We don’t need to get rid of something that was accepted and worked just because Plan A doesn’t work.

Sometimes the backup is the better plan.

That’s why the Baker Administration needs to reconsider and put the Blizzard Bag back in the bag.

It shouldn’t be a news flash either.

(Photo by Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images)


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