One Day To Get Them All Out Of The Way?

So my seclusion was over and I finally got back home ready to relax for a few hours before starting the rest of the week preparations.

Took a day not to do anything. No games to watch. No games to do.  Well except for laundry.

And, if the phone did not ring, it would have been peaceful.

Instead it was painful.

One woman wants to give me valuable information about a home loan program.

I guess the fact that my house is paid for shouldn’t play into the mix.

Another woman wants to give me better rates on college loans that I never had.

Apparently these would be better rates just in case I would want to get one in the name of charity.

A guy with a heavy accent kindly told me about a malicious virus on my computer that happened just seconds ago while I was using it.  We will leave out the part where I hadn’t turned on my computer for days.

Yet another guy with a European accident called me from “the electric company” to tell me about a great program that would reduce my electricity needs.

And there were others.

And, it was worse the day after.

So, instead of trying to beat the scammers, I have a better idea.

We need to embrace the scammers.

We need National Scammers Day.

This would be one day each year where every single robo caller would make their pitch. Everything. Make your best scam pitch.

And then for the rest of the 364 days no one calls or we track you down and send you to Alcatraz.

Ohhhh all of this modern life will do us well.

Except then when it doesn’t and does us more harm than good.

(Photo by Gina Wetzler/Getty Images)


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