Chief: Condolence Cards Stir Emotions And Anger

On the desk of the Yarmouth Police Chief is a blotter disk that reads “The Wicked Flee when no man pursueth but the righteous are bold as a lion.’

That is from Proverbs.

When the Chief Frank Fredrickson arrived back at his desk this week after a rare vacation he took one look at his usually clean desk and stopped to collect his thoughts.

On his desk were 13 perfectly addressed condolence cards that he needed to sign--all going to police departments around the country who lost officers in the line of duty.

The Chief asking on the Department’s Facebook page if “this is the price of doing business” adding that he hoped not.

The Chief continues- “Seeing such a collection of cards assembled in such a short period of time stirs emotions and creates anger.”

“Why is this happening in America?”

“Is this happening in other countries?”

The Chief is calling on state and federal governments to help end the violence.

“Keep supporting us and the changes that need to take place to help minimize these tremendous losses and also support their families as well as first responders who are mentally and physically injured while performing their Duties.”

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all change our ways in this country live in peace as neighbors and not enemies in war.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could play games instead of work at ways to continue wars.

Wouldn't it be nice just to live lives instead of worrying about death and despair?


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