A Story With A Happy Ending But Could Have Been A lot Different

I do a lot of stories during the course of a day that quite frankly are pretty horrible. There isn't a lot of great news going on in the world.

However, from time to time there are stories that you write that make you smile and make you burst out laughing.

Now if I might be allowed one direct message to my friends on The Cape----Stop Drinking!!!! I feel better now.

So here is a story that could have turned out a lot differently.

"A man in Hyannis went out drinking Tuesday night.

Came home early Wednesday morning to sober up and that was fine except that he showed up in the wrong house.

Turned out that a sleeping woman, got up, saw the man sitting there in her living room and freaked out, calling police.

Seems that the drunk man told police he was confused, lived nearby and in a the same colored house and was confused.

Police told the woman he meant no harm.

She said that was ok and so they put the man in protective custody to sleep it off.

Case closed."

OK. That is the way the story played out on The Cape.

What if it were New York. Or Boston. Or Springfield or Worcester.

What if the woman had a gun in her home thinking that she was under attack?

It ended ok in this case but it is a story that makes you shutter at what might have happened but for the grace of God.

(Photo by: Godong/UIG via Getty Images)


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