What's The Deal With Being Green?

Meaning no disrespect to the “green” movement that is out there. Or for that matter any other movement that is there, but I would like to call everyone out.

Can we get our causes straight?

Isn’t it amazing the lawmakers on the local, state and national level that have jumped on this movement to rid the world of “single use plastic bags.”

In Springfield, they debated the issue for hours considering the punctuation in the bill and how it would impact business people.

A noble cause ---that effort to save the environment from the people who use it.

Check out the so called “reusable” bags they have on the market. Those reusable bags designed to stop us from using the single use plastic ones.

Those bags are appear to also be coated in plastic.

Plastic. That which we are trying to get rid of we then use to solve the problem.

I will pass on the science lesson as to why there is a difference.

So what is the real story?

Is it about selling bags or protecting the environment?

Let’s have a bit of consistency here.

I am still of the opinion that if science created the plastic to begin with, science can then create a bag that will be friendly for the environment.

And that would allow me to shop for a bunch of bananas and a few peppers without wondering if I have the right number or for that matter the right types of bags.

(Photo Credit: iStockphoto)


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