Forgetting A Bag Means Real Life Decisions?

A nice man walked into his neighborhood store needing to pick things up for dinner.

He nonchalantly went up and down the aisles and stopped suddenly.

Several words came out of the nice man’s mouth not common to his usual vocabulary.

A woman in the same aisle laughed and looked at me---I mean the nice man, and offered,

“Ahhh sounds like you forgot your bags too.”

We laughed.

And we did the only thing that we could do understanding that we were not giving our state another dime.

We left the store.

All over not having the right bags.

And, I have to change my way of life because a bunch of people at The Capitol don’t understand --- why?

Why are we always targeted?

And when will it stop?

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


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