Congress Needs To Follow Dad's Advice

Anyone with any sense who has done even the most benign home project knows what our dads told us about such projects.

“Measure twice….cut once.”

In other words be sure because you only have one chance to do it right.

There is a Congressman in Tennessee that somehow has an issue with some of the payments made under the Cares Act to airports in order to keep them going. It appears that one Massachusetts Airport, Barnstable’s Airport, got 18 million dollars.

Congressman Steve Cohen in his statement says that an airport in North Dakota received enough money in the Act to sustain operations for 50 years.

By the way in federal terms, that’s like throwing a paperclip in the ocean and telling someone to go out and find it. It’s minuscule.

So the Congressman wants a second bite of the apple and see if they can redo the formulas and give something that isn’t double the operating budget to an airport.

All this is quite reasonable.

What is not reasonable is rushing around like it were the last two minutes of the final game of the year and throwing pass after pass with no rhyme or reason.

Wouldn’t it be nice that if in Washington or Boston or Hartford or “insert your capital city here” if just one time they would think before doing.

If they would re-read before hitting send.

If they “measured twice and cut once”

Doing that would actually take longer but be quicker and quieter in the end.

(Photo by: Robert Alexander/Getty Images)