Making A Mask And Making Progress

You know what is amazing to me? And, in a good way...

How many people are actually making face masks. And, in many cases they are better than what you could buy in any store around.

I had to go to a meeting outside of the building in which social distancing was going to be an issue. I was directed down a hall and was going to talk to an old friend on a story. I got to the appointed location and walked by this other person who was also wearing a mask not thinking about it.

But something was wrong. No associate. No friend. Nobody.

So I walked back to where I came from. In the distance I saw this other person coming at me who I had just passed. We passed again.


"Yes. Bob?"

We saw each other and walked right by each other unable to actually see who we were. Oh well.

So if you are trying to figure out how to make a mask---try these. It comes from our sister station at WBZ Boston.

Hope it helps.