The Multi Billion Dollar Question The Governor Prepares To Answer

I have been spending a lot of time translating the words of political-speak into the English language.  

I have to admit even I am having a tough time trying to figure out what is going to happen with the potential reopening of the state during this Covid Pandemic.

Let’s be honest here. Deciding when to reopen the state and to what degree is not an open and shut case.

It is like asking your doctor a question. How many times have you really understood any answer to any question that you asked.

So when Governor Charlie Baker said that the Stay At Home orders would be lifted May 18th everyone drew a collective sigh of relief. The sigh of relief became a call for help when the Governor and LT Governor repeated a familiar theme.

“The opening is not a date, but rather based on the data.” they would both say.

And, that is the problem. And for however many times Governor Baker and LG Polito can talk about data driven decisions and the like, for most of us opening the state to business is a date and has nothing to do with data.

The added problem is that there is no blueprint from Massachusetts officials how who will reopen or when the reopen will happen. And it is even more of a quagmire when we find out that the report for how to reopen is due on the same date that the state is expected to reopen.

So you see as many questions as the governor has answered about reopening, there are still more questions that are left unanswered.

Hopefully as we get closer and closer to the opening we will be able to tell you more directly when and how the state will open.

Until then Tennessee Williams said it best, “ Life is an unanswered question. But. let’s still live in the dignity and importance of the question.”

But it is the answer to both that we await like the answer to no other question before.