In The Distance- The Beauty Will Return

I freely admit that this is a gross oversimplification of what is going on in the world today. But humor me, won’t you?

For the last better half of three months we have gone through something dramatically different from what we all expect out of life...out of a day out of anything.

For 10 weeks we have been scared and uncertain of what lies ahead….the change.

For ten weeks we have wondered about what’s next.

And, that is the problem.

We wonder. We think. We expect. We analyze to the point of sickness….more sickness then what we have.

We say “look at all the things that are different...all the change. Where will it lead us?”

What we should be doing is not thinking but living.

Think for a moment about not the change --or the perceived changes in the world and think about the things that are still standard for all of us to see, feel and experience.

All the change….but all that has been left the same.

The dawn of a new day.

The smile of a spouse.

The love of a parent.

The simple trust of a child.

The morning sun.

The joy of doing a good job.

The spirit of living.

The beauty of a budding tree.

There are some things that have changed for the short term.  

It changes. We change.

But let’s not think about “what if” something happens.

Let’s think about the beauty that is there.

And the beauty that will be returned to us.

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