Springfield Mayor: We Need To Reopen Responsibly

Springfield Mayor Dom Sarno says the city is currently reviewing the Baker Administrations protocols for reopening the state and will issue its own plan to reopen the state as well.

In short, the Governor’s plan reopens religious, manufacturing and construction immediately and retail including salons and hairdressers on May 25th provided safety and other protocols are adhered to.

Sarno says he expects the Springfield program to be released sometime Wednesday.

The Springfield Mayor has already said that city government would reopen in a limited capacity and by appointment only to the public on May 26th. That is next Tuesday.

Sarno said that there is a great need to get people back to work. The city announced that it has an unemployment rate of 30 percent because of the pandemic.

He also said between the city losing tax revenues from events and other ventures and money that it has spent regarding supplies and programs and other materials for the pandemic, the bottom line is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 million dollars.

The Mayor also said that the city would try to recoup a lot of that money through the state and federal governments.

Already in the hands of the city is 13 million dollars which is Springfield's share of The Cares Act, the pandemic stimulus package.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak/WHYN News)

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