Ashburnham Police Seek Hiker Who Spit At Women--Claiming He Had Covid

A disturbing story out of Ashburnham where a man is being sought after apparently spitting on or near two women who were out for a hike last weekend.

Police have released the pictures and video of the man who approached two women who were resting during their hike, having pulled down their masks to look at the scenery.

That is when a man, who was walking with a woman on the same trail, approached the two hikers and told them that “it is the law” that they had to wear a mask while outside.

That is when the man, who was videoed by the two female hikers, told them “I have Covid.”

That is when he at least twice spit in the direction of the women.

That man is described as being in his late 60’s or his early 70’s.About 5 feet 11 inches tall with blue glasses and grayish facial hair.

Anyone who sees the man is asked to call Ashburnham Police at 978-827-4413.

***Editor’s Note:In the previous story---the man is quoted as saying “that it’s the law” that you wear a mask while in public.There is no law currently on the books in Massachusetts to wear a mask.The legislature has not dealt with that issue.There is a “mandate” however that was issued by the Governor’s Office.***

(Photo Provided by Ashburnham Police)