Police Search For Killer In 3rd Homicide

The city of Springfield is addressing a new rash of shootings. Seven people have been shot in a week's time in the city. The latest fatal shooting happened in the Forest Park neighborhood Saturday night. Mayor Domenic Sarno says all of the recent incidents are related to gangs, guns and drugs.

Mayor Sarno says, "It is time to turn up the heat on all these gang members and make them very uncomfortable, as they have done to my residents and business community. All these recent shootings are all gang, gun, and drug related. All are very familiar to our SPD and our court system as repeat violent criminal offenders and none show any cooperation in stopping this bloodshed. In turn, I/we will give them no quarter. I/we need their families and our community to step forward and be part of the solution and not hide their violent actions. I will also be meeting with Brother Johnnie Vernon of our street outreach program team – the Mission Inc., to continue proactive prevention, intervention, and mitigation efforts.”   

The Massachusetts State Police is being asked to provide extra patrols in hot-spot areas, while Springfield police are working on increasing their visibility.

(Photo Credit: iStockphoto)