Sarno: "It's About Saving And Creating Jobs"

The city of Springfield has awarded another round of funds from its share of the American Rescue Plan Act. Over four-million dollars this round and about fifty-million total has been earmarked for economic development, with priority given to women and minority-owned businesses.

“I am proud to say that this seventh round of our local ARPA grant funding that my administration has rolled out to our new and small businesses, and nonprofits is all about that good four-letter work, ‘JOBS’!”, Mayor Sarno continued. “It’s about saving jobs, creating new jobs and growing our small businesses which are vital and so important for the economic health of our city.”

“The nonprofits that have been awarded do tremendous work in our community, helping thousands of people with a wide variety of services for our residents. This COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of stress on individuals and families, and it is important to support our local nonprofits so that they can continue to assist and provide their services for our residents and the community. This grant funding that my administration is allocating will go to enhancing the services these nonprofits provide, especially to those that have been adversely affected by the pandemic.” Mayor Sarno added.

Mayor Domenic Sarno adds that money will be committed to capital improvement projects in the North and South End, Indian Orchard and Mattoon Street neighborhoods.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak, WHYN News)

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