Trump Care -Doesn't Care - Delegation Reacts

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth  Warren says people will die if the health care reform bill passed by the  House becomes law.  

Warren says the Republican led plan will devastate  the nation's health care system and bankrupt families.  

She says health  care is a basic human right, and she will fight to make that a reality  for everyone.

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey says  the health care bill passed by the House is dead on arrival in the  Senate.  

Markey says he will fight the proposal, saying it would rip  health coverage from millions of Americans.  

Markey says the president  must have taken civics at Trump University, because he forgot about the  U.S. Senate. 

In order to pass the Senate, the bill will need the  support of all but two Republicans if the Democrats all vote no.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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