Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. He is also a columnist for the Boston Herald, and has won a National Magazine Award for Boston Magazine. He is also a contributor to

Boston organized-crime boss Whitey Bulger was so infuriated by Carr’s groundbreaking reporting that he once put out a murder contract on Carr, a story detailed on 60 Minutes. At his 2013 trial on murder and racketeering charges, Bulger tried to have Carr banned from the courtroom by calling him as a defense witness. Before he was brutally murdered in a gangland hit, the crime czar still said his greatest regret was not murdering Carr when he had the chance. Carr once taught a course at Harvard, where he had to cross a picket line against himself to get to his class.

Morning Minute: Tucker's Spicy First Twitter Vid - 6.8.23

Chopped Chumps - 6.7.23

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Taylor Cormier: Extraterrestrial Talk with Stephen Basset, Alien Transparency Advocate | 6.7.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 4

Yes, there is someone fighting for the government to disclose information on extraterrestrial activity, and his name is Stephen Barret. This week, a "whistleblower" hinted at evidence of non-human intelligence, and the story got quite the spotlight. For Barret, this is an everyday struggle. According to him, our government is keeping key knowledge from the American people. Release it!

Taylor Cormier: Chris Christie Wants Take-Out, Er, to Take Out Trump & the Chump Line | 6.7.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 3

Chris Christie throws his hat in the GOP ring with an explicit aim to take out Trump, who he calls Voldemort. Cringe! Plus, tune in for Taylor's presentation of the Chump Line!

Taylor Cormier: Trump Could Be Indicted (Again) and Mike Pence's Mayonnaise-on-Toast Campaign Launch | 6.7.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 2

Tomorrow, we could see ANOTHER indictment of former President Trump. That'd be two impeachments and two indictments. You have to admit the guy can break records! Then, Taylor comments on Mike Pence's presidential campaign launch that's... how do we say this nicely... extremely dull. Maybe that's his avenue, though!

Taylor Cormier: Lies Inside the Biden Family Business and They're Coming for Your Kids and Your Cows | 6.7.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 1

How do you know a Democrat is lying? His lips are moving! Taylor Cormier shares the latest corruption oozing from the Biden Family Business while Rep. Jamie Raskin tries to blame all of the nation's issues on Trump. Then, Taylor and Emma Foley discuss the newest patch on the Girl Scout sash to get girls researching LGBTQ+ milestones as well as Ireland's proposal to kill thousands of cows.

Karoline Leavitt: Mike Pence Knocks Former Boss & the Appeal of Augmented Reality | 6.7.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 3

Karoline shares a former boss with the newest addition to the Republican primary race, former Vice President Mike Pence. The Indianan accuses President Trump of not being a follower of the constitution. Funny, Karoline remembers the veep campaigning alongside DJT for the White House in 2015. Then, tune in for Karoline's discussion on Apple's latest augmented reality device!

Karoline Leavitt: Pence Shops at Market Basket for Campaign Logo | 6.7.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 2

Not that he's a particularly exciting man, but Mike Pence's campaign launch and logo are incredibly mundane. Karoline Leavitt and Jarred notice that it looks a little like a popular New England grocery store chain's logo! Does Mike Pence really have a chance to beat his former boss? You can probably guess Karoline's opinion!

Karoline Leavitt: Shut Up and Support Ukraine, or Else You're in Trouble & UFO Talk | 6.7.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 1

Your support is mandatory until "It is finished," whatever that means. Karoline Leavitt shares clips from Tucker Carlson's brand-new show on Twitter that raked in millions of views. Karoline is proud to announce that some of the comments made by the former Fox News host regarding Ukraine were expressed by her on the show last week! Tune in to find out what she said.

Morning Minute: Trump won't debate - 6.7.23

Donald Trump won't debate in the primaries, I get him wanting to save his best stuff for Joe but will that hurt him?