Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago. He is also a columnist for the Boston Herald, and has won a National Magazine Award for Boston Magazine. He is also a contributor to

Boston organized-crime boss Whitey Bulger was so infuriated by Carr’s groundbreaking reporting that he once put out a murder contract on Carr, a story detailed on 60 Minutes. At his 2013 trial on murder and racketeering charges, Bulger tried to have Carr banned from the courtroom by calling him as a defense witness. Before he was brutally murdered in a gangland hit, the crime czar still said his greatest regret was not murdering Carr when he had the chance. Carr once taught a course at Harvard, where he had to cross a picket line against himself to get to his class.

Chopped Chumps - 9.29.23

Raise the WOOF with Dr. Matt the Vet | 9.29.23 - The Howie Car Show Hour 4

Every final Friday of the month, Howie welcomes Dr. Matt Callahan of Ipswich Animal Hospital to answer all of your pet questions. Tune in for an expert opinion on what to do when Fluffy gets sprayed by a skunk, when Spot is licking things that aren't food, and when Fido is feeling anxious around trash cans.

The Dead Raccoon on I-95 & Police Blotter Fax Friday | 9.29.23 - The Howie Carr Show Hour 3

Howie's headed to Florida next week, which means two things. Number one, he'll need weekly updates on the dead raccoon on his usual summer commute to the studio. Number two, this is his last week with Grace in-person for Police Blotter Fax Friday. Tune in for the silliest stories from this week around the web submitted by listeners like you.

Meatball's Regret and Could Newsom Actually Appoint Kamala to Senate? | 9.29.23 - The Howie Carr Show Hour 2

Meatball's mother requested that she not speak to reporters, but the released looter did have something to say to her followers and fans. Then, Howie discusses the death of Senator Dianne Feinstein and the aftermath that, depending on her replacement, could be quite unsettling for the Republicans.

Three-Day Weekend or Three-Day Week? plus a Nutty Professor Flips Out | 9.29.23 - The Howie Carr Show Hour 1

Howie and Taylor discuss the difference in traffic patterns since Lockdown times. Then, Grace and Howie discuss the story out of a small college where a progressive professor got fed up with a prolife advocacy group tabling on campus.

The Fall of Meatball with Emma Foley | 9.29.23 - The Grace Curley Show Hour 3

Emma Foley joins the show to explain how the Travis-Taylor fling may actually be relevant to voters who aren't tuned in to pop culture or sports. Then, do Grace and Emma's sympathies toward Meatball, the Philly looting influencer, differ? Finally, Grace breaks down the remainder of the impeachment inquiry hearings before Congress heads home for the weekend.

IHOP, Karaoke, and Gold Bars: The Menendez Love Story | 9.29.23 - The Grace Curley Show Hour 2

Antony Blinken is singing for some reason. Now that you mention it, Menendez is a bit of a singer himself! Grace covers the serenades and their songbirds in United States politics as well as the corruption that coincides.

Elon goes to the border and AOC is big mad | 9.29.23 - The Grace Curley Show Hour 1

Elon Musk must never sleep. Between dominating multiple industries with his technological innovations and fathering seven children, he's also doing what politicians and elected officials are "too busy" to do: visit the southern border.

Morning Minute: Back to the Drawing Board, Christie - 9.29.23

Nicknames are Trump's thing. Cringey Chris tried to do it at Wednesday night's debate, and it's just not working the same way.

Chopped Chumps - 9.28.23

Chris Christie's Donald Duck joke might have bombed, but these chump line callers won't. Tune in every weekday at 5:00 every evening to hear the best chumps submitted by loyal listeners like you. Send us your best one-liners between noon and 4 at 844-500-4242.