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Is the dollar in danger of being replaced by the Yuan?

The Fed is failing at one of its key mandates

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong dive into the most recent jobless claims data and wonder if the Fed is even giving us complete data. The Fed has two key mandates, and they are failing at one of them. Many employers are taking a go-slow approach to employing graduating seniors this year. An MBTA executive has been terminated, and it has been revealed he hasn't been working from Massachusetts. New labor department numbers indicate that fewer Americans' worked remotely last year.

Ask Todd: Avoid children fighting over your real estate

Todd Lutsky, Cushing & Dolan, shares some tips on how to avoid having a drawn out battle between your children over your real estate. Todd takes calls from listeners about ensuring your children are left with more than a massive tax bill.

Macy's is the cockroach of retail

Chuck Zodda and Brendan Hayes discuss the challening housing market and why some people just can't get out of their house. Macy's CEO, Jeff Gennette, will retire and hand the reins over to Bloomingdale's boss, Tony Spring. Howard Schultz is fielding questions from senators in congress over his handling of employees trying to unionize. The Metaverse is quickly becoming the Meh-taverse. Apple rolls out a buy now/pay later program. Your next family dinner should feature woolly mammoth meatballs?

Why do people think US Treasuries are risk-free?

Chuck Zodda and Brendan Hayes react to the Senate Banking Committee grilling Federal Reserve officials over the collapse of SVB. Regulators revealed that customers of SVB tried to withdraw $100B the day the bank failed. Why are people getting confused about US Treasuries? What is a toxic asset? Todd Lutsky stops by to help you from leaving your children a massive tax bill.

It's getting too easy to underestimate your expenses and overspend

Mike Armstrong and Brendan Hayes discuss Americans' overspending because they have underestimated their expenses. Brendan believes this is one of the reasons why the US economy has been as strong as it has been historically. Tripp Mickle joins the show to chat about Apple experiencing internal strife due to their latest product under development, Interactive Goggles. Lyft has hired a new CEO as the founders step back amid struggles with competition. Dollar General is deemed 'severe violator' by the Labor Department. AI is starting to take jobs from Americans, but for now it is just models who are being replaced.

Are there any safe-haven stocks these days?

Mike Armstrong and Brendan Hayes take a look at the divided US housing market and try to explain why there is such a split between west coast and east coast markets. Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft have been fueled by their so-called 'safe haven' status. The guys wonder if there really is such a thing as safe haven stocks. Alibaba will split into six groups and explore IPO's. According to BlackRock, the Fed will keep raising interest rates despite traders betting otherwise as fears of a banking crisis continue.

Why Apple can't divorce China

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss Apple CEO, Tim Cook, visiting China for the China Development Forum, and why the tech-giant can't seem to seperate themselves from China. Concern around TikTok in Washington DC is drawing fresh attention to how Chinese apps have woven themselves in young Americans lives. The work-from-home era may be coming to an end. Share of businesses with workers on-aite most of the time neared prepandemic levels in 2022. Twitter says parts of its source code was released on the internet. Elon Musk values Twitter at $20B, less than half of what he bought the company for.

The biggest economic challenges facing millennials

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti dive into the continuing fallout from the collapses of SVB and Signature Bank. Jay Powell and Janet Yellen have stopped short of guaranteeing all deposits in US banks. Has confidence in Powell and Yellen completely eroded? The used-car market may never go back to prepandemic levels. Is this the fault of car manufacturers? Sarah Foster stops by to share some of the biggest financial problems that millennials are facing.

Why do parents think their kids won't be better off?

Most Americans doubt their children will be better off than them. Is this a reality or just too much pessimism in the system? Managers are pushing back against remote work, citing productivity declines. Malls in America could be in serious trouble, can any stores save them? Apple is planning to spend $1B per year on producing movies for theatrical releases.