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Why yesterday's moon landing is more important than you think

Is AI just BS?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti wonder if the current hype surrounding AI is just another BS bubble waiting to be popped. Goldman Sachs analysts bet on Fed rate-cuts coming in June. AT&T outage triggered by company work on network expansion. China home prices slide, increading pressure on Beijing. China's central bank tries to catch markets off guard with surprise easing. OPEC watchers predict extension of oil cuts into next quarter.

Do college degrees matter anymore?

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane discuss a strange trend that is showing college graduates are working jobs unrelated to their degree. Greg McBride,, joins the show to chat about the latest emergency savings survey. Warren Buffett is sitting on $150B. What is he going to do with it? The lifespan of large appliances is shrinking. Your 401(k) could be gone before the decade is out. Restaurant owners warn new California law will make menu prices skyrocket: 'Crippling to everybody.' The wealthy are cutting the line at the airport, Disney World and ski resorts.

Nvidia's surge lifts the entire market

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane react to the stunning earnings report from Nvidia and how it is impacting the entire stock market. Fed minutes show unease over cutting rates too soon. Bond traders brace for another US selloff. Goldman Sachs’s Chief Economist has nailed big calls in the past, how is his next one looking? Home sales rebound in January after a sharp decline last year. Boeing 737 executive departs. Job cuts are worring workers who are currently remote.

Ask Todd: Why a 'will' won't do

Todd Lutsky stops by for his weekly segment, Ask Todd, where he explains why a 'will' isn't enough and you need to have a trust to truly secure your assets. Todd also takes questions from listeners about their particular estate planning needs.

What consumers need to know about the Capital One-Discover deal

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti explain what you need to know about the Capital One and Discover Financial deal and why it is important for you. Amazon is joining the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The US is set to invest billions to replace the Chinese-made cranes at the nation's ports. Nvidia's high-stakes earnings report has Wall Street on edge. Could a US pensions revolution be on the cards?

Food is eating too much of my income!

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss why food costs have reached levels they haven't touched in 30 years. Are we in a productivity boom? Todd Lutsky stops by for his weekly segment, Ask Todd, where he explains why a 'will' isn't enough. Todd also takes questions from listeners about their particular estate planning needs.

The shift to EVs is silly considering Hybrids are better

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti discuss America's oil power might be near its peak. Even the world's biggest EV market is slowing. Realtors are in crisis and home buyers could be the winners. Bad property debt exceeds reserves at largest US banks. Be weary of ETFs that promote sky-high returns. The rise and fall of Drizzly.

Expectations are shifting on future Fed rate cuts

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti discuss the disconnect between the data showing the economy booming and Wall Street thinking otherwise. Markets start to speculate if the next Fed move is up or down. Intel to be granted a $10B subsidy to make more chips. Walmart beats expectations as e-commerce sales soar. Walmart to buy TV maker Vizio for $2.3B to help with ad sales. Home Depot beats earnings, sales estimates even as consumers take on smaller projects. Capital One is buying Discover Financial for $35B.

Is the housing market about to heat up?

Mike Armstrong sits down with Brad Hartz, Real Estate Advisor for Compass Boston, to chat about where the housing market stands right now, if the market is about to heat up, and what the housing market in the Northeast is looking like right now.