Hampden D-A: 21K Bags Of Heroin In City Sweep

Hampden County law enforcement is claiming a big victory in the battle against the availability of heroin. 

The district attorney's office says 38-thousand bags of the drug was seized during a recent narcotics investigation. 

21 thousand of the bags came from western Mass according to Hampden County DA Anthony Gulluni.  

In Hartford, officials say 13 people were arrested, including 2 people from Springfield in the operation which was a year in the planning stages.  

Crews had to use hazmat suits to process some of the crime scenes on Collins Street in Hartford and on Farmington Avenue as well.  

Raids were also conducted in Springfield and West Springfield.  

And officials say all those arrested were well known to police.  

Police say two of the people who were arrested from Springfield are Amarilis Pirela, 38, of Springfield and Jonathan Velez, 23, also of Springfield.

(picture with thanks Western Mass News)

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