Budget Passed Minus High Speed Rail Study

The Legislature has passed and sent to the Governor a reworked state budget.  

The more than 40-billion-dollar plan was rolled out Friday morning and presented to rank and file members early in the day.  

It contains 400-million-dollars in cuts due to lower than anticipated tax revenues.  

The state is almost a week into the fiscal year and has been using a five-billion-dollar temporary budget to keep state government operating. There was one significant cut to the budget.  

The High Speed Rail Study has been cut.  

That was being sponsored by Senator Eric Lesser.

The Senator says he was stunned by the cut.  

He had indicated that the Senate was in support of it.  

But he says House members apparently were not.  

The Senator says he will re-file the measure as a Stand Alone bill later this year.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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