Innocence Project Looks At Farak Drug Case

The Innocence Project, the  organization devoted to getting wrongly-convicted individuals off the  hook, is asking the state of Massachusetts to investigate the two  prosecutors who were tied to the Sonja Farak drug chemist scandal. 

The  pair of assistant attorneys general, Anne Kaczmarek and Kris Foster,  were both criticized by a Hampden Superior Court judge last month when  he dismissed active drug cases connected to Farak, who pleaded guilty in  2014 to tampering with evidence in the Amherst lab from which she was  based. 

Specifically, they were accused of trying to trying to hide the  fact that Farak stole drug samples and then withheld evidence. 

The  Innocence Project heavily cited Judge Richard Carey's ruling last month  in its complaints, sent on Friday to the Massachusetts Board of Bar  Overseers.

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