Big Changes Coming From Equifax After Breach

The CEO of credit-reporting firm Equifax  is promising changes after a security breach left 143-million people  vulnerable to identity theft. 

 In an op-ed for "USA Today," CEO Richard  F. Smith apologized to everyone affected by the cybersecurity breach,  calling the announcement painful and humbling. 

 He also addressed  criticism that it took six weeks to announce the incident after it was  discovered back in July.  He explained that the matter was under  investigation during that time and that at first they thought the  intrusion was limited.  

He also said the company will make changes to  bolster their defenses against cyber crimes.

Meantime, Attorney General Maura Healey is  planning to sue Equifax over the credit rating agency's recent data  breach.  

Equifax reported the personal information of 143-million people  may have been compromised.  

She says that includes three-million  Massachusetts residents.  

State law requires that Healey's office send a  five-day notice to companies it plans to sue. 

(picture with thanks iStockphoto)

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