Business Partners: We Will Save Dr Seuss Mural

The controversy is continuing over  the decision to remove a mural from the Amazing World of Doctor Seuss  Museum.  

Last week, museum officials said they would remove the mural  that included a depiction of a Chinese character after several  children's book authors called it a jarring racist image. 

Local  restaurant owner and real estate developer Andy Yee, along with business  partner Peter Picknelly, offered to buy the mural on Saturday and place  it at The Student Prince restaurant, which they own.  

Yee is a  first-generation Chinese-American and said at a press conference at the  restaurant that he has no problem with the mural.  

Mayor Domenic Sarno,  who wants the mural to stay, calls the controversy over it political  correctness at its worst.

(picture provided by Springfield Mayor's Office)

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