Busy Night For Springfield Police

Wednesday was a bad day for motor vehicle accidents in Springfield.   

A child suffered severe but non-life-threatening injuries after being  hit by a car in the city's Upper Hill neighborhood at around six p.m. on  Wednesday.  

Not far away, and just an hour before, a woman was  reportedly hit by two vehicles while crossing the road at State and  Catharine streets, and also suffered serious injuries. 

A multi-vehicle  crash landed three people in the hospital earlier yesterday afternoon at  State and Federal streets, resulting in the busy intersection being  closed while police investigated.

If that weren't enough.  One man is under arrest after a shooting in the Old Hill section of Springfield.   

Police say they were alerted to the shooting on Eastern Avenue by  ShotSpotter at around 10:30 last night.  

Officers detained a man fleeing  the scene on a bicycle.  

The victim was taken to Baystate Medical  Center for treatment after suffering a gunshot wound to the leg,  according to police reports.

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