Storm Clean Up Continues

DPW crews were busy overnight and have across the board gotten a lot of work done.  

Contending with ice, snow and slush, it wasn't easy.  

The major roads are good.  The secondary roads may be icy.

Police are reminding you to properly de-ice your car this morning.  You are going to find a significant amount of ice on windows and driveways.

But police also warn that you should not start your car and then go inside in order to stay warm.

This is the type of scenario that thieves look for, unattended cars.

In Agawam, firefighters were called out to knock down a house fire that left three people homeless.  The cause, a laptop battery.

In Springfield, firefighters were called to Pine Street to put out a kitchen fire that caused 30 thousand dollars worth of damage and left one person hurt.

And, in Easthampton, two off duty Chicopee firefighters who were ice fishing saved the lives of a two year old and his father who had fallen into a lake.

There are several two hour delays in the storm center, mostly to give transportation officials time to de-ice.


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