Soon In Chicopee: End of AN Era

An iconic entertainment location in  Chicopee is undergoing some changes.  

The General Manager, Andy Yee says Hu Ke  Lau on Memorial Drive announced plans  to close the showplace  in April, demolish the existing 53 year old building and rebuild.

The Hu Ke Lau has offered  award-winning Polynesian dining and shows, national touring comedians  and local and regional live music, according to its website. 

It opened  in 1965.

Yee says it is necessary to think differently in this day and age.  He and his family still love Chicopee and says that a new facility would fit in with the vibrancy that is already there.  He says it will be a smaller dining footprint than the 27 thousand square foot facility. 

Yee says this generation is more interested in faster and smaller meals.  

Yee isn't talking about specifics yet though.  
He will be offering jobs to the current staff at the other facilities that he owns.


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