Minor Violations Found During Inspection

City Inspectors say they found just minor violations during an inspection of the living quarters at the Springfield South Congregational Church where a woman who was threatened with deportation just last week is living in sanctuary.

Code Inspectors say the conditions overall were good.  Officials say the one thing they want to insure is that the landlord provide minimum standards of living.

Church officials say that they are not promoting a sanctuary city as a whole.  But, within their constitutional rights, they maintain they are able to provide a sanctuary of peace for those in need.

Gisela Collazo did not speakers to reporters.  Inspectors will now write their formal report and submit it.  Most observers believe Collazo and her two children will be able to stay at the church.

(Photo Credits:  Outdoor Pictures, John Baibak, WHYN News)

(Photo Credits:   Indoor Pictures, Ray Hershel, Western Mass News)


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