Experts Warn Of Two New Scams

Two new consumer scams are out there.

The first plays on the usual fears of telling a person there is a warrant out for their arrest for missing jury duty and the like.

The person on the other end tells you that in order to avoid arrest you can pay a fine.  Police say they have the two numbers that are being used:  845-010-9158 and 845-210-9158.  

Officials remind us that authorities don't call ahead and tell you that they are going to arrest you, they just do it.  It is a scam. Don't provide any money or information.

The second scam comes out of Westfield where officials say someone places an ad for an apartment to be rented/  You call them and they tell you to send money and they will send you the key.

That too is a scam.  It has happened at least a couple of times.

Officials say you should never rent or buy anything unseen.  Ask questions and if it seems to good to be true, don't do it.


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