Holyoke Has New Top Cop

The new top cop in Holyoke has been named.

Captain Maunuel Febo is a 23 year veteran of the police department and becomes the first "in-house" selection to run the department in 17 years.

The current chief James Neiswanger is retiring in two months.  He is fully supportive of the new chief saying he is a "man of courage, compassion and knowledge.

Febo says he will seek to build on Community Policing, the social media footprint of the department as well as exploring the possibilities of creating a Citizens Police Academy.

Febo, who is a graduate of the Holyoke Public School system says that working with Chief Neiswanger he knows he can best serve the rank and file members of the department and the residents of the city as well.

(Picture with thanks Holyoke Police Deparment)


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