Murder Investigation Continues-- Third Body Found

A third body has been found at an East Springfield  house that's now a crime scene. 

Hampden District Attorney Anthony  Gulluni provided that update on Thursday night regarding the property on  Page Boulevard where two bodies had been discovered earlier in the day.  

A man who was arrested for kidnapping on Sunday, Stewart Weldon, has  been confirmed as a resident at the home, but at this time, he has not  been charged with murder. 

The D-A says that he will not speculate as to who is or is not a suspect in the case.

The only thing that the D-A has said is that the public is not in any danger.

The area of Page Blvd, which is the site of the investigation is a fairly quiet part of the city according to neighbors.

Gulluni called the crime scene an aberration.  

Authorities are continuing to investigate.


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