State Sues Over Epidemic Promotion

Massachusetts  Attorney General Maura Healey is suing Connecticut-based PurduePharma  for its role in profiting from the opioid epidemic.  

The AG says she  promised to find out what pharmaceutical companies knew, when they knew  it and the extent to which they misled people into thinking their drugs  were safe.  

Healey says her office found that Purdue misled doctors,  patients and the public about the dangers of opioids, including  oxycodone.  

The A-G says the company had a simple game plan.  To sell as many drugs as they could to make as much money as they could.

She says that PurduePharma engaged in marketing opioids  under the direction of 16 current and former executives and board  members who are personally named in the lawsuit. 

(Photo by Gabe Souza/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)


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