Mayor: "They Are Out Of Control"

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Commissioner John Barbieri are pursuing the shutdown of Carregan’s Lounge, located at 155 Maple Street in Springfield, due to continued public safety and quality of life issues emanating from the establishment.  

The Mayor telling reporters, "“Much like the ‘Kickback Lounge/Club Pandora’ past public safety neighborhood issues - in which we moved to successfully shut down - Carregan’s Lounge presents the same out of control and non-cooperative obstructive management scenario."  

Sarno says the last straw was a shots fired call that happened right around 2 in the morning.   

The Mayor had called for hearings in the past but now he wants the Director Of Licensing for the city to move on revoking the license of the facility as soon as possible.  

There have been no dates scheduled yet for those hearings.


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