Smile For The Camera

Springfield officials are using the latest technology in order to keep people safe.

More than 250 cameras have been set up around the area of Union Station and in the station.  Those cameras will be hooked into the Real Time Analysis Center as part of the Springfield Police Department.

Deputy Police Commissioner William Cochrane (pictured)  and Mayor Dom Sarno made the announcement.  

The city using technology is just one more cog in the ongoing battle to fight crime.

"Just like you see on CSI," Springfield Mayor Dom Sarno told reporters.

The Mayor, Deputy Commissioner William Cochrane and Congressman Richard Neal, who was instrumental in getting the funding, says there is an additional plus for the project.

They hope to get a better handle on the human trafficking issue.

Through bus, plane and train stations throughout the country, traffickers historically funnel people through for their own illicit purposes.  Officials hope to knock down that as well.


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