The Day That We Will Always Remember

Today is the 17th anniversary of the  September 11th terrorist attacks.  

Last week, the committee in charge of  fundraising for a 9-11 memorial at Riverfront Park in Springfield said  the project would not be ready for today, as was the original goal.  

The  memorial, which did break ground last week, will feature a steel beam  from the World Trade Center when it is ready.  

There will be a memorial  ceremony at Springfield's Public Safety Complex, one of many scheduled  throughout Western Massachusetts.

Meantime, the daughters of one of the three 9-11 victims from  Westfield are coming off a visit to Guantanamo Bay.  

The Springfield  Republican spoke with Jessica Bram Murphy, a Brown University student,  and her sister Leila, whose father, Brian Joseph Murphy, was a vice  president of a securities company in one of the Twin Towers in New York;  he was killed in the attacks.  

The sisters decided to go to Gitmo  earlier this year during the military hearings for the five men accused  of helping mastermind the terror attacks.


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