Agawam City Councilors: Fair Is Too Big

Members of the Agawam City Council are complaining about traffic associated with the Big E in West Springfield.  

 They say that after record-breaking crowds this year, traffic has  reached a tipping point and something must be done before next year.  

Councilors this week describing back ups into  Suffield, Connecticut, and bumper-to-bumper traffic in residential  neighborhoods.  

One city councilor complained the Big E has no  consideration for the people of Agawam.

It may get worse over the next couple of years because of the state sponsored reconstruction of the Morgan-Sullivan Bridge.  That is the bridge that links Agawam with West Springfield.

Officials say the 4 million dollar project will be concluded in 2021 and will reduce traffic to one lane in each direction.

(Picture with thanks The Big E)


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