Neal And Ryan Agree On Immigration

It has taken a controversial comment by The President of the United States in order for a democratic Springfield Congressman and the House Speaker to agree on immigration.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan says the President can't end  birthright citizenship by executive order.  

He said the 14th Amendment  to the Constitution is clear.  

Ryan stressed that he did, however, agree  with Trump on the root issue of going after unchecked illegal  immigration. 

It is about the same thing Springfield Congressman Richard Neal, a democrat, has said.

Neal says that if the President wants to have a debate about the issue, then he should try to amend the 14th amendment.  That is the amendment that legal scholars say protects children of immigrant from being deported.

Amending the constitution is often times a lengthy process.  A two-thirds majority of congress would have to pass an amendment or the states could demand a constitutional convention on the issue as well.


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