Recreational Pot Starts Tuesday

It all starts Tuesday.

For the first time on the east coast, recreational pot sales will begin in Massachusetts.

And all eyes will be on the sites of the first two stores, Northampton and Leicester, in the central part of the state.

Officials have been criticized for the snail like pace that the process has seen.  But now it is ready to be placed on line.

In both communities, police will be on alert to make sure that everything is safe.  NETA the company which will run the Northampton complex has been meeting with local and state police and they have developed protocols.

There isn't anyone who can safely predict however how many people will be trying to but pot.

Also left unanswered is what the effect of the legal pot market will have on the illicit drug market.

Cannabis Consultants do wonder if the state will quicken the pace of store approvals now that the first of the stores will be on line this week. 


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