Huge Lines--No Issues For Pot In State

Officials in Northampton and in Leicester say their weeks of planning paid off.  

Although lines were long in both communities, very few problems were reported on the first day of recreational pot sales in Massachusetts.  

Officials of Cultivate in Leicester and NETA in Northampton say they were expecting about a thousand people to walk through the doors.  

In the end they got double that.  Long lines and lots of traffic but it was flowing.  

The first recreational pot purchase in the state was to the Northampton Mayor who says he will frame his historic purchase because it is now a part of the state history.  

Among the first of the buyers for recreational pot in Northampton was a man from West Haven, Connecticut who said he was impressed.

Enfield police are warning Connecticut  residents about legally buying pot in Massachusetts and illegally  bringing it home.  

Officers in Enfield are on the look out for people  trying to bring it back across the border.  

The police department says  it doesn't have checkpoints but will be looking out for impaired  drivers.


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