State Looking For Stoned And Drunk Drivers

Governor Charlie Baker says he's  concerned about people driving under the influence of marijuana. 

 The  state yesterday launched a campaign seeking to deter people from driving  while high. 

State data shows that marijuana was the drug found most in  drivers involved in deadly crashes in Massachusetts between 2012 and  2016.  

Baker says he's concerned because there is no test associated  with driving while high that will withstand a legal challenge at this  time.

Meantime, Massachusetts is rolling out a new  public information campaign discouraging people from driving drunk or  stoned this holiday season.  

The safe-driving campaign is the first  since marijuana stores opened. 

It emphasizes finding alternate  transportation.  

New Public Safety Secretary Thomas Turco said in a  statement that 79 people were killed by impaired drivers in 2016.


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