Warren: Will Rebuild The Middle Class

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth  Warren is officially exploring a run for president in 2020.  

Warren  announced yesterday that she's launching an exploratory committee, the  beginning of the process of a possible run.  

The 69-year-old Democrat  has been a vocal critic of President Trump.  

She pledges to pursue a nation that works for everyone, and to rebuild the middle class.

The President is talking about the possibility of facing Warren.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump was asked whether the Massachusetts Democrat really believes she has a chance of beating him in 2020.  

Trump said he wasn't sure, adding "you'd have to ask her psychiatrist."  

Trump  has frequently mocked Warren over claims of Native American heritage.   

She recently revealed results of a DNA test that showed she had Native  American ancestry between six and ten generations ago.  

Trump told Fox he thought Warren "did very badly in proving that she was of Indian heritage." 

(Photo Credit:  Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images)

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