Councilors Seek Review Board As City Seeks New Top Cop

Springfield is looking for a new permanent Police Commissioner.

John Barbieri retired immediately Thursday after 31 years on the force and a little more than five as Commissioner.

His tenure was marked with a number of court cases involving police force.

He retired hours after an arbitration board reinstated an officer that he had fired for violating protocols.

Springfield City Councilor Orlando Ramos says the actions of the department are a prime reason why the city needs a more powerful Civilian Police Review Commission that could deal with hiring and firing and discipline.

The Council has voted for the commission in the past but Mayor Dom Sarno has rejected those calls. M

eantime, veteran police officer and Deputy Chief Cheryl Claprood will lead the department on a short term basis.

The Interim Chief says that many officers are disheartened that it seems only the negative is reported.

She says there are a lot of good cops doing a lot of good things and she hopes to turn that trend around.

Claprood has been in the department for 39 years.

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