Blackstone House Of Horrors Mom Sent To Prison

A Blackstone woman will spend six to eight years behind bars after remains of three babies were found in her home. 

Erika Murray was found guilty of harming two of her living children, but cleared of second-degree murder last month. 

She was sentenced for child assault, child battery, and animal cruelty in a Worcester court yesterday. 

She will get credit for time served since 2014 when authorities discovered her house filled with trash, dirty diapers, and the remains.

Judge Janet Kenton-Walker has recommended that the woman serve her prison term at the Chicopee Women's Facility.

The judge can recommend but the Department of Corrections will make the decision.

With credit for time already served awaiting trial Murray could be free in between one and three years.

(Photo Credit: Karyn Regal WBZ Radio)

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