Moriarty's Gets Suspension- Owner Upset With City

Moriarty's Pub in Springfield will have its liquor license suspended for eight days according to the License Commission.

The suspension is the aftermath of a May 26th shooting that happened outside the Liberty Street facility--but not at.

The eight day suspension is because the facility didn't not follow its agreed to security protocol.

Owner Mike Moriarty releasing a scathing statement overnight.

""This is the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life doing business in the city of Springfield. I wished we all worked together: One team, one dream. But it's always one sided and I'm on the bad side. I'm sick, saddened and disgusted of the way I have to live my life because of this city and the crime that goes on in it."

The Mayor hasn't commented.

Meantime, City Councilor Mike Fenton says that he hopes the suspension serves as a wake up call to all bar owners in the city that they need to pay more attention.

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