Council Says Yes To Most Recreational Pot Applications

The Springfield City Council is approving special permits for the first three recreational marijuana stores in the city.

The City Council on Tuesday approved the permits for Holistic Industries on Boston Road, 6 Brick's on Albany Street, and 311 Page Boulevard, at that address.

The council fell one vote shy of approving the fourth applicant that had negotiated an agreement with the city, INSA.

Councilor Tim Ryan told colleagues that they were compelled to vote for the measure because no one had brought anything to the table in opposition,

But, Council President Justin Hurst, speaking for the Council floor, rather than the podium said that the process was flawed for INSA to simply make money. He questioned whether people at the INSA proposed site would "just get out of their car and buy weed, and then get back in their car."

The other three companies need state approval next.

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