Large Gatherings Banned---Schools Closed---Weddings Postponed

State officials say school districts in Massachusetts must cancel or postpone large assemblies of people and limit gatherings to fewer than 250 to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.  

Schools are also advised to limit inter-school interaction and monitor the health of students, staff and visitors when feasible. It's also recommended that buildings be closed to be cleaned and disinfected and then reopen. 

Many of the major school districts in the Greater Springfield area have minimally shut down for a week and a majority for two weeks.

In Boston, the Mayor after saying first that the schools would be open, closed the Boston School system for a month.

The Governor, by declaring a State of Emergency will hold harmless schools that do not meet the 180 day requirement for class.

The mandate against large gatherings is affecting the Roman Catholic Church and all religious bodies in the state.

Mark Dupont at the Springfield Diocese says that Mass has been cancelled for the next two weeks. There will be a variety of televised Masses however.

In addition, Catholic Weddings have been suspended.

Only funerals are being held in the Springfield Diocese. But only with immediate family.

(Graphic with thanks iStockphoto)

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