Covid Virus Reported In Springfield And Worcester

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts reporting that there are now 138 cases of Covid 19.

100 so far are directly linked to the Biogen Conference in Boston last month.

The 138 is 15 more than Friday.

Right now most of the cases in the state are considered "presumptive," or anticipated.

Officially, the CDC is confirming 19 cases in the Commonwealth.

For the first time, Worcester, Springfield and The Cape have reported cases.

The Worcester case is connected to Biogen.

A man in his 60s, the husband of a school teacher in Sandwich is the other patient.

One in each of those communities. Officials say 5 of the cases are travel related.

Eight are part of what has been most often called "a western Mass Cluster" while the others are still being investigated.

State officials say as of this morning only 11 of the 138 patients are in the hospitalized.

The Springfield case out of Baystate Medical Center is one of those cases where the patient is recovering at home.

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