Schools Closed For Three Weeks--_Take Out Only At Restaurants!

Governor Baker says there is no effort to “shelter in place,” in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

The Governor started his Sunday night news conference with that in an effort to squash the rumor which developed for most of the weekend.The Governor telling the state that it was important for people to get their news from real sources rather “than a friends, friend, friend friend.”

While the Governor says there will be no shelter in place, he is taking several other actions.

Schools will close in the state for three weeks.In some communities like Boston there will be school but only to allow students to get their personal items and to get school assignments.

There will be no large gatherings.Originally, the governor had set the number at 250.Now it is 25.Grocery stores and pharmacies are excluded from the directive.

"The facts on the ground have changed," Baker said Sunday. "At this point in time, it's particularly appropriate that we not only move on the school closures, but also that we get a lot more aggressive around other places and spaces that people gather."

Restaurants will remain open.However they will only be open for takeout service.There will be no sit-down service.

The Massachusetts Trial Court will be closed both Monday and Tuesday.

Elective Surgeries have all been postponed.

The Governor says there are 45 confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the state.One of those cases comes out of Baystate Medical Center from the weekend.Two others are considered presumptive in Worcester.

Connecticut has 26 confirmed cases.Officials in both states say that the numbers are likely to grow throughout the next couple of days as the testing results are released faster.

Most of the cases revert back to a Biogen Conference last month in Boston ---however, not all of them.Dr Monica Bhrarell, the State Public Health Commission says Berkshire, Essex, Hampden, Middlesex, Norfork, Suffolk and Worcester Counties all have evidence of community-level transmission as of Sunday.

Governor Baker says his administration will be filing legislation designed to relieve the pressure of local governments dealing with local budgets, town meetings and the like.The Governor did not address special elections which are slated for the end of the month.That will be addressed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin later today.He oversees elections in the state.

(Photo: Joshua Qualls/The Governor's Office)

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